sc Heerenveen

Whereas sc Heerenveen has a soul, the supporters have a heart. A heart in the form of a lily pad, the symbol of Frisia and recognizable in the provincial flag and club outfit. The great number of supporters is loyal and exemplify the atmosphere within the club: pleasant and friendly. The club belongs to the top 5 clubs in terms of the Netherlands in terms of attendance.

Business Club

sc Heerenveen boasts a warm interest of trade and industry. Therefore, the Business Club was established on 17th July 1987. This Business Club of enterpreneurs provides a great financial contribution to the club. As sponsors of sc Heerenveen they may use special facilities. With almost 750 enterprises, the club belongs to the largest of the country. sc Heerenveen has a unique group of volunteers which commit themselves for the interest of the Frisian football-club for free. "Aktie ’67" takes care of large commercial support, match sponsoring, the boarding and the matchprogram.

Supporters Clubs

Especially for the supporters there are two Supporters Clubs. They organise activities like bus trips to away matches and also provide the election of the Player of the Year. One of The Supporters Clubs has her own magazine for her members, which is called Feanfan.

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