sc Heerenveen was the first Dutch club in professional football to build a completely new football stadium in 1993/1994. On 20th August 1994 the stadium was opened by playing the first match in de stadium between sc Heerenveen - PSV. The name of the stadium is ‘Abe Lenstra’, in memory of the person who has given Heerenveen so much glory.

The modern football-stadium is very public friendly. At this moment the Abe Lenstra stadium has both seating and standing terraces and the stands are fully roofed. sc Heerenveen was one of the football clubs in the Dutch Premier League to participate in a pilot investigating standing terraces. sc Heerenveen has concluded this successfully and in result of this there are official standing terraces since the season 2005/2006. The standing terraces are only used in the national competition. In the European/UEFA tournament it is not allowed to use standing terraces according to the rules of FIFA. The stadium is very special in having no fences. Therefore, there is an excellent view of the pitch and a great atmosphere. Due to the increasing number of supporters it was necessary to carry out a few reconstructions. The total number of seats has expanded to 26.100. In an earlier stage the number of facilities was expanded with more business-units, offices and restaurants. The stadium is available for football as well as show appearances and conferences.

Abe Lenstra stadion